Annular Solar Eclipse

15/01/2010 at 3:49 pm (Astronomy) (, , , )

I may never get to see a total solar eclipse in my lifetime — but I saw the next best thing: annular solar eclipse 🙂

Wait… that is wrong… I happen to live in an area where it was possible to witness a partial annular solar eclipse. Here it is… I managed to photograph it without damaging my camera or eyes (hopefully)

The annular solar eclipse, in all its glory, was seen by people in Northern parts of Sri Lanka — cities like Jaffna. We only got a partial view…

1.15 PM, 15th January 2010

1.25 PM, 15th January 2010

1.35 PM, 15th January 2010

1.45 PM, 15th January 2010

1.55 PM, 15th January 2010

2.05 PM, 15th January 2010

A Total eclipse in the umbra. B Annular eclipse in the ant-umbra. C Partial eclipse in the penumbra

Today the sky was very clear without clouds and the sun was shining very bright and hot. Then gradually it got a bit cool and less bright but the sunlight was still there. The other partial eclipses I have seen didn’t cause any change to temperature or light.

Well we have our beautiful sun bright and shining again 🙂 life goes on and I still have my dream of witnessing a total eclipse 🙂

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