Origami Swan

29/01/2010 at 7:17 pm (Paper Crafts) (, , , )

I finally did it 🙂 Here it is….

to make this I followed the instructions from

But made several changes to the tail part and head. I also had some trouble in the first attempt at this. The parts were very loose, and big chunks were forever coming undone. So I disassembled the whole thing and assembled again. It only took about 1 hour for this second attempt and after that it was firm.

This is a very easy one to assemble. Even folding each triangle is easy. The only hard part is folding so many triangles. It took me days. Assembling process takes just less than an hour.


  1. deesdesigns said,

    Unbelieveable!!! Amazing!!! You are so talented, I am in awe!

  2. Sananda said,

    Looks great…I made one myself a couple of months back, following the same tutorial. I just had one reservation, regarding the neck..it looks too flimsy wrt the rest of its magnificent looking body. So I added a couple of more painstakingly made units to the neck region, to make it sturdier(literally, i mean thicker in diameter)..and it looks much much better…you might want to try the same.

    • Dinithi said,

      yes Sandra… I did the same after seeing that this type of neck falls down a lot! I made the neck in this order

      3 pieces, 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 2 pieces… so on till there’s a nice neck base (ending with 2 pieces)
      then 2 pieces, 1 piece, 2, 1, 1…. till desired length

      That looked really nice and sturdy… Maybe I’ll post a new picture…

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