Buzz (Google)

11/02/2010 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Did anyone check out Buzz today? Looks like it’s getting a lot of negative feedback…. as a facebook user, I don’t wonder….

When looking at some status messages my friends post, my fingers itch to comment on them, or ‘like’ them the way we do on facebook. But is it really necessary to have something like Buzz for that?

Why not introduce something new and creative rather than giving us facebook wall in it’s most basic form?

If they salvage something good out of Buzz, I’m ready to turn it back on!

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  1. Dushi said,

    Well the main idea of buzz is to centralize world wide web into a single place. So it gives the ability to use a single tool to do all your favorite social web activities and other stuff. you can get your twitter updates while reading a news feed. may be your other friends used it to read your comment from FB without even thinking to visit there. Happy Buzzing!

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