To all the girls out there….

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In the beginning of the year 2009, five undergraduate girls formed a group to start their 4th year research project. Today they are graduates with a proud “A-” in front of their beloved project.

This is an encouragement to all the girls out there, who hesitate in their decisions just because it’s believed some things just cannot be done right by girls.

Even experts tell you some things just cannot be done. Tell them to say that to great inventors from our history and kick the “IM” out of “IMPOSSIBLE”.

Don’t try to become a man… there’s so many things that they cannot do… and don’t measure yourselves with standards meant for men.

What you do may not get the ultimate prize or the highest possible grade. Yet don’t despair… a woman’s touch gives beauty to everything.

But the most important thing I must say to all the girls out there…. believe in the power of women… stand by them… help them reach their full potential… Together we are strong!


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Wedding Invitation Cards

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Wedding invitations have come a long way since the time the guests were invited with betel leaves by the mother of bride or groom. The most traditional invitation where the parents of the bride invited all the guests have become complicated with today’s complex relationships.

This seems to be the most general format of the strict traditional invitation.

(name of bride’s parents/parent)

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

(name of bride)


(name of groom)

on (weekday name),

the (day of month, spelled out) of (month)

at (time, spelled out) o’clock

(name of church)

(address of church)

(city, state of church)

Invitation Templates

For Sri Lankans the wedding may require a poru ceremony which may be held at home or in a hotel.For Christian weddings it’s almost always a church sometimes followed by reception at home or hotel. Brides of Sri Lanka provides general templates on wording for invitations depending on which party is hosting the wedding.

A very extensive guide on wording an etiquette on writing wedding invitations can be found at Southworth: Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide.

20-20 Site has good and simple instructions of various types of wedding invitations. These include Church Wedding, Home Wedding, Informal Wedding, Second Wedding and other options too.

The Wedding Card

1. Most people visit a stationer and decide the type of card by going through the designs given by the stationer. This is more popular now because they can be also viewed through the stationer’s website and ordered online. The only disadvantage is the cost which can be high, if a large number of guests are invited.

2. For Sri Lankans the best place to find a good invitation is at the Maliban Street in Pettah (this is the street just behind St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church – Olcott Mawatha – Pettah). You find a lot of small shops where you can customize what they offer and finally get a quality product at the best price.

3. There’s also a number of sites providing wedding invitation templates. You can purchase them online or even find some that are for free. These can be printed out even on a good printer at home. The best thing is we can change them any way we like if we’re familiar with the format of templates. Most are available in .doc or .pdf formats.

Here’s a list of places giving such free templates.

Easy Printable Invitations offers some cute invitations.

Southworth: Free Wedding Invitation Templates

Invitations to just print at 983 Wedding.

At Formal-Invitations you find printable templates with instructions to make the card.

4. Then again you can make a card in whatever way you like…. if you are a DIY person. The possibilities are endless. Here’s few of the ideas I’ve come across online.

Origami Heart Love Note is a very unique idea for origami lovers. The actual folding of the heart can be found here. Quite a lot of other origami shapes can also be made into invitations.

Formal-Invitations give instructions on making many types of cards with good instructions along with printable templates.

If you like scroll type invitation Find Me a Gift has good instructions for you.

A nice mix of invitation types at Do-It-Yourself Invitations.

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Baskets and Bows

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What is the easiest way to decorate an ordinary basket? I would definitely go for ribbons. It’s very easy, neat and can be altered any time to match colours and themes.

Here’s  very simple method for a flower girl basket:

….the flowers can be natural, artificial (made of ribbon). Even a ribbon garland can be used around the basket.

Here’s a good place with instructions on making different decorative bows. Click on the images for instructions.

Floral Bow

Puffy Bow

Layered Bow

Pew Bow

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More Text Art from Fairyland

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Since the arrival of many new creatures at the fairyland, the fairies are busy creating lovely text art. My other post – Fairyland’s Text Art – featuring my favourite art was somewhat popular. So here’s a list of text art threads from facebook itself for those who search for them. More will be added when I find them.

-~ ღ°`¤.°ღ Text Art ღ°`¤.°ღ A DIY Guide & GALLERY ღ°`¤.°ღ ~

ღ°`¤.¸„¸.°ღDISPLAY YOUR TXT ART HERE ღ°`¤.¸„¸.°ღ

Fairy Art – containing a good amount of Christmas themed art

It’s Called ASCII Art

Animals – a collection of animal pictures from Text Art Share Group features several discussion topics on text art (Holidays, Quotes, Birthdays, etc….)

ELLHNIKA ART TEXT (valte ta edw) – from Fairyland The Greek Team

Some other sites with nice collections of text art:

From Fairyland Friends – Fairyland ASCII Art, More Fairyland ASCII Art, Even More Fairyland ASCII Art

Christopher Johnson’s ASCII Art Collection – so many text art beautifully categorised

The Collection – A-Z keyword collection featuring text art

Facebook ASCII Art – on the right side of the page the text art categories are listed

ASCII Picture Collections – listed according to artist names

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Hotel City: Level 19

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Hotel City at level 19

My earlier strategy for Hotel City seems to be good…. I’m the top of my friends 🙂

Didn’t reach the 25th level by deadline… so 4 playfish cash is lost…. anyway they’re adding new things, this is much better than Country Story even at this stage.

Some more suggestions.

Look out for all the level up posts published by your friends (keep the FB home page open and refreshed). The higher your level the more points you get out of those posts.

Use as many units of the smallest room as possible and decorate. At lower levels you can level up several levels per day. I’m currently going up 1 level per day.

Have 2 cleaners and don’t waste too much on decorations for lobby area if you’re at the beginning.

Bug the sleeping people 😉

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Cooking??? let’s go Bake :)

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Do you enjoy cooking? or at least… can you cook? If not there’s a good chance you’re good at baking…

Here’s some easy recipes I’ve found. Most of the cakes I have tried out. Soon there will be a new post on my mother’s cake recipes 🙂 Hope you enjoy these!

Cake Recipes

Muffin Recipes

Fudge Recipes

Brownie Recipes

Mousse Recipes

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Hotel City

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All those Facebook players out there….. did you ever wish that you can buy those stuff in Pet Society or Country Story only available to buy with Playfish Cash? Then here’s an opportunity with the newest Playfish game: Hotel City

Here’s what they say:

Do u want FREE playfish cash? well, then here’s your chance! Go to the the Official Application Page of Hotel City and Follow the Instructions From Thursday 1st April until Monday 12th April you can take part in the celebration and earn up to 10 Playfish Cash*!
How to participate:• Players who play Hotel C…ity between 1st April 2010 at 00.01am GMT
(start date) and 12th April 2010 at 11.59pm GMT (end date) can receive
up to 10 Playfish Cash to be used across all Playfish games supporting
Playfish Cash. Playfish cash will be rewarded as follows:

• Install Hotel City and complete the tutorial to earn 2 Playfish Cash!

• Play Hotel City and reach level 10 to earn another 4 Playfish Cash!

• Play Hotel City and reach level 25 to earn yet another 4 Playfish Cash!

• Users who install the game after the period of promotion won’t qualify for the respective ‘install reward’.

• Users who reach level 10 and level 25 after the period of promotion
won’t qualify for the respective ‘level 10 reward’ and ‘level 25

• Your Playfish Cash will be credit manually to your account by Friday 16th April. To receive your Playfish Cash you need to read and accept Playfish’s Digital Services Agreement
(for use, expiration and limitation of Playfish cash.) You will be
asked to accept the Playfish’s Digital Services Agreement after
completing the tutorial and after reaching level 10 and level 25.

• This promotion is open to all territories.

This started on 1st of April… and at least one Playfish game is known to make fools of its players… so I’m just playing along since I’ve started it before the 1st (I’m not sure if I’d get the 2 cash for installing and following the tutorial)

Life at Playfish and has guidelines for Hotel City as well as many other games… It’s still too early to give good tips… Hopefully they will add more features to this with time and make it something wonderful like Pet Society one day 🙂

a partial and zoomed out view of my hotel "Caelan"currently nearing level 11

What I did was buying as many rooms as possible and reach the 24 hour shift… after that I’ve been earning and leveling up easily… I didn’t spend the initial amount straight away… and I was glad because I could expand and add more rooms…. as soon as possible hire friends for the staff… and find jobs in your friends’ hotels.

Now I can decorate the rooms and buy already decorated rooms since I’ve settled in 🙂 good luck everyone 🙂

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