A Catholic Wedding

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These modern days where we get to interact with others belonging to many beliefs and cultures, it won’t be a surprise to find most of the invitees to a Catholic wedding are non-Catholic.

That’s why now it’s important more than ever to have a good Wedding Program provided for the guests. It helps to avoid confusion, explains new or old traditions, says thank you in a nice way and most of the time becomes a souvenir.

So many things can be added to a Wedding Program. The Essential Parts of a Wedding Program outlines most of these points. This is not just for a Catholic wedding but a good article to guide you in composing any wedding program.

The wedding program itself can be of various designs. Made of just a single sheet folded twice, then the fan design, the booklet or even with an elaborate paper folding design. Depending on what you include in it and the budget, the appropriate style can be chosen.

For instance, if it just provides the hymns to be sung, a single sheet is more than enough. If you want your guests to take it home as a souvenir, it’s a good idea to make it a pretty booklet with detailed descriptions of your wedding Ceremony, and also small enough to carry in a purse or pocket.

For the souvenir kind programs, it’s nice to add little quotes – religious or otherwise, that express ideas close to the couple getting married. Good examples for a Catholic wedding ceremony can be found in following locations.

Catholic Wedding Program shows a sample program without the hymns.

Plan Your Wedding Ceremony offers a selection of Catholic Readings and Vows that can be added in the program.

Wedding Vows Q & A also has a well categorized collection of vows to suit any sort of ceremony.

And finally some links to the lyrics of popular Wedding Hymns. It’s always best to speak with the officiating priest and the choir about your selection of hymns. In some places it’s not allowed to include popular songs like “You by my side” among the hymns. Then some hymns are not allowed in Catholic churches if they’re not Catholic Hymns. Find several versions of them on You tube and decide on your selections.

Wedding Songs : Catholic Wedding Songs

Wedding Hymns

Church Wedding Hymns

Catholic Wedding Hymns doesn’t give lyrics but offers a guide on where hymns are necessary in the ceremony

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  1. cptjennyflint said,

    I’m getting married and was just wondering the best way to make the invitations so to help the non-Catholic guests follow along with our wonderful Catholic tradition đŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great info and links!

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