Complicated Origami… made easy….

04/08/2010 at 4:15 am (Paper Crafts)

Ever seen beautiful 3D origami models that you wish you can also make? Yes, there are so many like that… Here’s one I like a lot… 

The Last Waltz by Neal Elias…. one of the most graceful origami models I’ve ever seen. This will be my next Origami project.

Very clear and detailed instructions are given by the folder, Sara Adams. THere’s a number of wonderful Origami models in the gallery sections that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s a picture from her site which leads to instructions on how to fold it.

 Check out other models by Neal Elias.


  1. lakmi said,

    Hi darlin 🙂 Today i noticed suddenly 30 visits in my blog.. one referrer being u 🙂
    I generally dont find the need to advertise my blog but i must say that i was pleased to see so many people had visited 😛
    I guess its just selfish satisfaction.. anyway.. thanx for adding me on ur blog roll.. and interesting blog you have here 🙂
    Keep it up.. x o
    be good.. Love ya

    • Dinithi said,

      hi hi 🙂 you know.. that’s the main purpose of this blog now… “provide a stepping stone”… anyway I love your poems and think others should read your blog too!
      Remember once a lecturer told us to maintain a blog to help in our careers… well I started this for that purpose and didn’t write anything for a long time… then I came across your blog… so just started writing anything I’m trying 😛
      So you had a big part in this blog and that’s one reason why you’re in the blogroll 🙂
      Love ya too!
      TC ^_^

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