Dear Diary…

17/09/2010 at 7:00 am (Words)

A very good friend I had since I was 7… but a habit I had to drop since it got harder to keep them hidden. Especially since I have a kid brother… I’ve hid the diaries in high cupboards when he was small, then started writing in a different language when he was taller, then locked all of them (I have a big pile, one for each year) in a cupboard and locked it… they are still there, my diaries.

Well, I have come across online diaries recently… It’s not the same as writing your heart out on fresh leaves… and doesn’t exactly feel like a friend — I used to address my diaries Anne… starting each page with a “Dear Anne…”

A blog can be turned into a diary too… blogs were actually called online journals at the beginning. But only if you are ok with anyone reading your thoughts… and the privace policy of the blog service is ok for you…

Here are some good links to online diaries… most let you keep a private one… but some of them have additional features too!


Dear Diary

Open Diary

JEM Diary

1 Comment

  1. lakmi said,

    I always started my entries with Dear D 🙂 🙂 🙂 Nice memories.. gosh i havent written in a diary in so long!!!!!!

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