Complicated Origami… made easy….

04/08/2010 at 4:15 am (Paper Crafts)

Ever seen beautiful 3D origami models that you wish you can also make? Yes, there are so many like that… Here’s one I like a lot… 

The Last Waltz by Neal Elias…. one of the most graceful origami models I’ve ever seen. This will be my next Origami project.

Very clear and detailed instructions are given by the folder, Sara Adams. THere’s a number of wonderful Origami models in the gallery sections that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s a picture from her site which leads to instructions on how to fold it.

 Check out other models by Neal Elias.


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Wedding Cake Box

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It’s the custom in Sri Lanka to greet the guest at the wedding with nicely wrapped wedding cakes. For this there are decorative papers and also cake containers that can be customized with monograms or any other decorative feature.

Here’s a inexpensive solution with origami, where the only cost is for the papers used. Even some boxes sold at shops are made using origami.

Origami Boxes from Origami Resource Centre has a variety of boxes with clear instructions that are printable.

Robin’s Origami Page has good instructions for unusual shapes such as the heart and star shaped boxes.

Simple and easy to follow guide can be found at the Origami Club. The sections Valentine and Useful shows origami instructions for boxes, cases and baskets with diagrams or animations. Check other sections also because they also have instructions for boxes.

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Wedding Invitation Cards

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Wedding invitations have come a long way since the time the guests were invited with betel leaves by the mother of bride or groom. The most traditional invitation where the parents of the bride invited all the guests have become complicated with today’s complex relationships.

This seems to be the most general format of the strict traditional invitation.

(name of bride’s parents/parent)

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

(name of bride)


(name of groom)

on (weekday name),

the (day of month, spelled out) of (month)

at (time, spelled out) o’clock

(name of church)

(address of church)

(city, state of church)

Invitation Templates

For Sri Lankans the wedding may require a poru ceremony which may be held at home or in a hotel.For Christian weddings it’s almost always a church sometimes followed by reception at home or hotel. Brides of Sri Lanka provides general templates on wording for invitations depending on which party is hosting the wedding.

A very extensive guide on wording an etiquette on writing wedding invitations can be found at Southworth: Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide.

20-20 Site has good and simple instructions of various types of wedding invitations. These include Church Wedding, Home Wedding, Informal Wedding, Second Wedding and other options too.

The Wedding Card

1. Most people visit a stationer and decide the type of card by going through the designs given by the stationer. This is more popular now because they can be also viewed through the stationer’s website and ordered online. The only disadvantage is the cost which can be high, if a large number of guests are invited.

2. For Sri Lankans the best place to find a good invitation is at the Maliban Street in Pettah (this is the street just behind St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church – Olcott Mawatha – Pettah). You find a lot of small shops where you can customize what they offer and finally get a quality product at the best price.

3. There’s also a number of sites providing wedding invitation templates. You can purchase them online or even find some that are for free. These can be printed out even on a good printer at home. The best thing is we can change them any way we like if we’re familiar with the format of templates. Most are available in .doc or .pdf formats.

Here’s a list of places giving such free templates.

Easy Printable Invitations offers some cute invitations.

Southworth: Free Wedding Invitation Templates

Invitations to just print at 983 Wedding.

At Formal-Invitations you find printable templates with instructions to make the card.

4. Then again you can make a card in whatever way you like…. if you are a DIY person. The possibilities are endless. Here’s few of the ideas I’ve come across online.

Origami Heart Love Note is a very unique idea for origami lovers. The actual folding of the heart can be found here. Quite a lot of other origami shapes can also be made into invitations.

Formal-Invitations give instructions on making many types of cards with good instructions along with printable templates.

If you like scroll type invitation Find Me a Gift has good instructions for you.

A nice mix of invitation types at Do-It-Yourself Invitations.

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Palm Sunday

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It’s Palm Sunday at last… the beginning of the Holy week. Here’s how to make a cross using palm leaves/fronds…

Make a Palm Cross

And another set of instructions with photographs as instructions in “SILVERKEYS.WRITES“.

Click to go to tutorial

Click to go to tutorial

We place them on our windows and above the doors of our homes. Don’t forget to give them back to your church in time for next year’s Ash Wednesday…

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How to make Butterflies

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Here are some wonderful tutorials giving good instruction on how to make butterflies. Quite easy for any beginner and for anyone interested in sending handmade butterflies to the Holocaust Museum Houston – The Butterfly Project. (please see my earlier post)

The diagrams are from the tutorials themselves… none of the pictures are done by me.

For those quillers out there I’d like to share the blogpost where I read about this for the first time… There are beautiful and unusual quilled butterflies in “Quilling with Whimsiquills“. Following is a butterfly in that blog

An origami butterfly from the blog “Create With Me

Origami Resource Center” has several models of paper butterflies

Another beautiful butterfly and instructions from

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Paper Bracelets and/or Recycling

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Here’s the beginning of my new craze…. Handmade jewelery. Did you ever go shopping trying to find jewelery that’s the exact colour of your dress? Well… it’s one of the best sports in the world…. but it’s not the same to go shopping in an old haunt without my best buddies. So as usual I googled it…. making my own fancy accessories.

I  came across 2 types of paper bracelets. One in Inna’s Cerations and another in Fluffyland. The one in Fluffyland shows how to make them with wrappers…. the one I tried was Inna’s one because I already had the things needed for it.

First I fished out all the left over paper scraps from my Kusudama era. After cutting them to suit the size of my hand, I finished it in about 15 minutes. No glue was required and the end result had a very neat look.

Then I painted the whole thing with nail polish. It’s very easy to find nail polish of a colour to match a dress. I never use nail polish on my nails (ugh!) but it’s my favourite paint 🙂 You can find bottles Rs. 20 each in Pettah in all the glorious colours and textures. A third of a bottle is sufficient to cover the whole bracelet with 2 coats.

The nail polish will dry completely in a few minutes — but it stinks 😛 it’s best to leave it overnight. After using it you can easily paint it another colour to suit a new dress.

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Here’s something I’ve heard for the first time today…. came across the word in CraftyPod, and thought it had something to do with Origami.

You will find everything you need to know about Kanzashi here.

I can’t wait to try this out. You can expect the result soon 🙂

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Wedding Cake Box

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There are many ways of serving cakes at a wedding. Several styles to wrap the cakes, boxes folded from cardboard, little baskets, small bags the list goes on…

Some people buy these while some make them… For people like that there’s a solution with origami. Find them here.

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Origami Rose :)

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The best way to start February  🙂   is by folding an origami Rose…

Here it is…

I used the cover of Cargills Christmas catalogue. It is printed on a glossy and thick paper. Using thick paper is important because this rose requires many creases and some complicated folding.

Directions on how to make this is in my earlier post, and I encourage everyone to make a rose 🙂

With a little patience a pretty rose will bloom 🙂

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Origami Rose

29/01/2010 at 8:12 pm (Paper Crafts)

Here’s what I’m planning to do next 🙂

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