It’s June :)

09/06/2010 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Finally June arrived…. with it my new year resolution went away with the wind. But I promise to make up for it with new posts as soon as I settle down. I have a big function to organize and the new posts will be based on my own experiences.

Hope my regular readers will be around till I come back. Wish you all a Happy June 🙂


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Iwan Paulusha

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One of the songs I remember from my childhood… found it just today.

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To all the girls out there….

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In the beginning of the year 2009, five undergraduate girls formed a group to start their 4th year research project. Today they are graduates with a proud “A-” in front of their beloved project.

This is an encouragement to all the girls out there, who hesitate in their decisions just because it’s believed some things just cannot be done right by girls.

Even experts tell you some things just cannot be done. Tell them to say that to great inventors from our history and kick the “IM” out of “IMPOSSIBLE”.

Don’t try to become a man… there’s so many things that they cannot do… and don’t measure yourselves with standards meant for men.

What you do may not get the ultimate prize or the highest possible grade. Yet don’t despair… a woman’s touch gives beauty to everything.

But the most important thing I must say to all the girls out there…. believe in the power of women… stand by them… help them reach their full potential… Together we are strong!

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Baskets and Bows

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What is the easiest way to decorate an ordinary basket? I would definitely go for ribbons. It’s very easy, neat and can be altered any time to match colours and themes.

Here’s  very simple method for a flower girl basket:

….the flowers can be natural, artificial (made of ribbon). Even a ribbon garland can be used around the basket.

Here’s a good place with instructions on making different decorative bows. Click on the images for instructions.

Floral Bow

Puffy Bow

Layered Bow

Pew Bow

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The Butterfly Project

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I just came across this project by the Holocaust Museum Houston – The Butterfly Project. They’re collecting 1,500,000 paper butterflies to remember the children that suffered and died during Holocaust.  they already received about 400,000 and plan to reach the goal of 1,500,000 by June 30, 2012.

If you can, please send or deliver paper butterflies by June 30, 2012 to

Holocaust Museum Houston
Butterfly Project
Education Department
5401 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77004

I saw this in Quilling with Whimsiquills blog, which shows some of the quilled butterflies she’s planning to send.

Follow this on Facebook – Fairyland forum and The Fairy Sisterhood.

Here’s the content from HMH site:

The Butterfly Project
Butterfly Project
In an effort to remember them, Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.

The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for Spring 2013, for all to remember. The Museum has already collected an estimated 400,000 butterflies.

Please facilitate the “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” activity and create as many handmade arts-and-crafts butterflies as possible. This project may be completed by all ages as individuals or groups.

  • Butterflies should be no larger than 8 inches by 10 inches.
  • Butterflies may be of any medium the artist chooses, but two-dimensional submissions are preferred.
  • Glitter should not be used.
  • Food products (cereal, macaroni, candy, marshmallows or other perishables) also should not be used.
  • If possible, e-mail a photograph of your butterflies, to
Please send or bring your butterflies to the Museum
by June 30, 2012, with the following information included:

  • Your name,
  • Your organization or school,
  • Your address,
  • Your e-mail address, and
  • The total number of butterflies sent.

Mail or bring your butterflies to:
Holocaust Museum Houston
Butterfly Project
Education Department
5401 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77004

For questions or additional information, please e-mail

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Google Wave – coming a little bit too late for us

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Just few weeks ago we had Buzz… now they plan on giving us Wave.

I actually love the sound of it… suffered the lack of it last year. Now they’re planning to give it. Hopefully I’ll manage to get into some group project that makes use of this 🙂 Else I’ll be stuck playing games in that too….

Anyway, if you’re interested check it out here.

You can also use it at this beginning stage if you’re invited. They also have forms to sign up yourself or your domain till more Google Wave invitations are available.

Would love to have it available soon…

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Here’s the Day
that we celebrate
how far we have come and
a milestone which reminds us
to embrace all exciting things
that are still on the way!

Today the 2006 batch of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) graduated 🙂 Congrats to all of you… Those were the best (and craziest) years of my life!

For all the other SLIIT students I’d like to say something…. Find out batch mates whose first names – I mean the long name(s) in front of their known name – start with the same letter as yours. Build a good friendship with them too.

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Buzz (Google)

11/02/2010 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Did anyone check out Buzz today? Looks like it’s getting a lot of negative feedback…. as a facebook user, I don’t wonder….

When looking at some status messages my friends post, my fingers itch to comment on them, or ‘like’ them the way we do on facebook. But is it really necessary to have something like Buzz for that?

Why not introduce something new and creative rather than giving us facebook wall in it’s most basic form?

If they salvage something good out of Buzz, I’m ready to turn it back on!

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February 2010

31/01/2010 at 7:40 pm (Uncategorized)

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Presidential Election 2010

26/01/2010 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized)

I finally voted! Here’s proof…

My Left Hand after Voting

When we go to vote, the little finger on the left hand is painted… There were 22 candidates this time… and the ballot was 18.5 inches long!

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